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    • The Forum is moderated with the goal of sustaining lively, informative and enjoyable discussions focused on our primary objective. Topics or behavior that distract from this goal are not appropriate and may be subject to moderator action. Discussions of religion or partisan politics are forbidden everywhere on this Forum. More generally, this Forum is not an appropriate venue for debates over divisive social or political issues. Personal attacks and rudeness will not be tolerated. Beyond these general rules, a wide scope of discussion is welcomed. Where judgment calls are needed, the more closely a discussion relates to our core mission of supporting large format photography, the more sympathetic we will be. We will, at our discretion, progressively warn posters, delete posts, temporarily suspend threads or close threads outright if these rules are violated, or if we judge that a discussion is otherwise going off the rails.
    • Even though experience might suggest otherwise, we will not assume that discussions of photography-related public-policies or discussions of the work of photographers motivated by social or political concerns will necessarily lapse into partisan politics or bitter, divisive debates. However, if and when posts appear that demonstrate a breakdown in decorum, we will delete the offending posts or excise the thread at the point the discussion appears to go off track. If several such attempts and warnings fail to resolve the situation, we reserve the right to close the thread.
    • We will not permanently ban members without first obtaining a consensus of the moderators, except in the case of spammers.

    The forum has a long history of civil discussions of related topics, even when opinions on a topic differ. Here are a few guidelines that contribute to maintaining the friendly environment. Please remember that these guidelines are a part of the larger FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) document that can be found by clicking on the “FAQ” link in the navigation bar near the top of the display. The FAQ includes information about how the forum software functions, and how to do various things.

    • Moderator decisions are final, but we do listen to thoughtful, polite suggestions regarding administrative policy.

    Your Responsibilities – By accessing this site, you agree:

    • to keep your posts, PMs, and e-mail communications with other members on-topic and civil, and
      not to abuse other site users – including posting offensive comments (like personal attacks or insulting language), sending them threats, unsolicited bulk email or commercial solicitations, or baiting/enticing them to violate forum guidelines.
    • Maintaining Forum Decorum. To have a healthy and informative forum, it’s essential that participants maintain a respectful and professional decorum. Name calling, personal attacks, character assassination, coarse or inappropriate language, or enticing/baiting others to violate forum guidelines will not be tolerated anywhere within the forum (i.e. in posts, PMs, or e-mails to other members). Generally speaking, in responding to a post, try to respond only to the content of the thread and not to the individual.
    • Be sure to give a descriptive title to your question. For people searching or browsing the archives, a nonsensical or uninformative subject (like “Oops!”, “Read this!”, or even “Lenses”) just makes it harder for people to find answers to questions.
    • Before you post a basic question to this forum, please make sure you have quickly browsed the forums and preform a search to see if your specific topic already exists.
    • Reporting Posts – Our moderators are volunteers and are not able to constantly monitor threads throughout the day. If you find a post offensive, please notify the moderator group by clicking the icon at the lower left of the offending post. This is the only accepted way to report posts.
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